Geobear小知识/ 我们如何处理现场废弃物
(November 30, 2018)


  • 预防和最小化。最主要的是防止浪费和让其最小化的要求。我们的地面沉降修复工艺在现场很少产生浪费或混乱,特别是当与传统打桩、托换和灌浆等解决方案相比。这意味着要处理的废物数量以及从一个地点到另一个处置地点的移动可以被控制。
  • 反复使用。层次结构中的下一个要求是反复利用,即在产品和材料变废之前赋予它们第二生命。某些废弃材料被收集并出售给农业部门,在那里金属框架被用作饲料笼。再比如仍然处于良好状态的中型散货箱被收集、修复并出售以供重用。每年废弃的空钢桶会产生数百个,他们也会被送去清洗和修复,并重复使用。另一个例子是用于运送我们材料的木托盘,它们是由当地运输公司收集并再次使用。所有这些例子对于Geobear几乎没有或产生很少成本。

  • 回收利用。回收是处理废物的众所周知的途径,我们与废物经纪人密切合作,寻找最佳、最低成本的解决方案。所有的金属废料都被回收利用,尤其是废钢注射管,这些废钢注射管被带回基地,从那里被送到有执照的废料经销商那里。在我们办公室,所有的纸张、卡片、罐头和玻璃瓶也都被回收利用。
  • 回收。回收并不是大规模工作,但通常废物收集器会回收现场所有废弃材料。
  • 处置。大多数废物物是固化的地质聚合物,它是一种致密的泡沫状材料,对环境无害。废物被收集在袋子里(这些袋子是可生物降解的),并且易于运输而不会造成任何混乱。
  • 按时记录。所有Geobear的废物收集都记录在日志中,显示每个移动的日期、数量和欧洲废料代码。收集者许可证,所有存档的废物转移票据和托运票据。

The European Waste Hierarchy Applied to Geobear’s Waste Disposal Procedures

Geobear prides itself in being a responsible custodian of the environment and this is reflected in the way in which we deal with our waste. We are guided by the European Waste Hierarchy, and list below summarises how we accomplish this.

Prevention and Minimisation. Top of the hierarchy are the requirements to prevent and minimise waste generation. The Geobear process of resin injection creates very little waste or mess on site especially when compared to alternative solutions such as piling, underpinning, and compensation grouting. This means that quantities of waste to be handled and movements from site to place of disposal are kept.

Reuse. Next in the hierarchy is the requirement to reuse, i.e. to give products and materials a second life before they become waste. Examples of waste reuse from Geobear include IBCs that are too old for reconditioning. These are collected and sold off to the agricultural sector where the metal frames are used as feed cages. IBCs that are still in good condition are collected, reconditioned, and sold for reuse. Empty steel drums, of which Geobear generates hundreds annually, are also send for cleaning and reconditioning. Another example is of the wooden pallets used in the delivery of our materials, which are collected and put to use by a local transport company. All of these examples are of little or no cost to geobear..

Recycle. Recycling is a well known route for dealing with waste, and we work closely with our waste broker to find the best, and most cost effective solutions. All metals waste is recycled, especially waste steel injection tubes which are brought back to base from where they are taken to a licensed scrap dealer. In our main office, all paper, card, tin cans and glass bottles are collected for recycling.

Recovery. Recovery is not something Geobear itself does on a significant scale, but our general waste collector puts all collections through a recovery process before final disposal.

Disposal. Most of the waste Geobear send for disposal consists of cured geopolymer, a dense foam-like  material that is non hazardous to the environment. The waste is collected in bags (which are biodegradable), and can easily be transported without creating any mess.

Duty of Care. All Geobear’s waste collections are logged, showing the date, quantity, and European Waste Code for every movement. Collector’s licenses, all Waste Transfer Notes and Consignment Notes retained held on file.