Shaoxing cars show room floor re-leveling

 One of the world leading car retailers from UK sells premier cars in Shaoxing China. The subsidence in the car showroom of 730 m2 in the 7-year-old building became more and more visible, including the uneven floor and visible cracks on the tiles, negatively affecting their brand image, customer experience, and the safety of the customer and stuffs as well.


The alternative method to fix the floor would be cement grounting, which would directly cost the customer nearly 1M RMB plus 3-month close down of the showroom in sections. Geobear was chosen vs. cement grounting due to the fact that Geobear offers fast and non disruptive solution to the shop business.


Within 7 nights when the shop was off business, Geobear team releveled the floor with +/- 10 mm evenness accuracy across the whole floor. The shop remained open at daytime as usual.

With no need to close down the shop for any second, Geobear solution offered fast solution compared to alternative methods like cement grouting and reconstruction of the floor, thus gaining us with magnificent saving. Furthermore, the whole floor achieved expected evenness and I am very satisfied with the site operation by Geobear team!

-Mr. Wang,Facilty manager