Geobear offers various ground engineering solutions to ensure that your business can keep operating on solid foundations. Our mission is to keep your world running by providing services that cause minimal disruption to your daily operations with the lowest total cost.

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Re-leveling solution

Geobear re-leveling process provides fast, accurate and cost effective remedial solution for subsidence, stabilizing and re-leveling sunken concrete slabs. Applications rage from domestic repairs to large industrial and commercial floor repair. We also re-level roads, airport runways and railways. See how Geobear has re-levelled several industrial properties.

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Ground stabilization and improvement solution

Geobear stabilization is an engineered procedure, whereby the bearing capacity of the foundation soils can be improved to a specific depth or considerable depths by injection of expanding geo-polymer resins. This solution allows densification and compaction of soil directly under a building, without excavation, vibration or mechanical force. See how Geobear has stabilised  and improvement grounds under industrial properties.

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Structural support solution

Geobear PowerPile pilars are installed to treat subsidence and strengthen very weak ground. PowerPile geo-polymer pilars eliminate the need for costly and disruptive traditional underpinning/ piling resulting in minimal mess and disruption.

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Void filling solution

Geobear void filling solution can be used to fill any size void. We use super lightweight, multi-purpose, pre-expanded structural geo-polymer resin. The geo-polymer resin is produced on site and does not generate any heat or require any electricity during the works. This solution can also be applied underwater and is ideal for mine shafts, tunnels, caves, pipelines and conduits. Have a look at our projects .

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Water sealing solution

The process used follows the core principles behind our resin injection methodology. The materials used are closed cell and impermeable, meaning that the injection and subsequent expansion of the materials form a sealed barrier against any liquids. This solution is applied where a barrier needs to be created to facilitate construction or where structures are already below the water line and the integrity is compromised by water migration.  Find out how we have done this in practice.

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