Shanghai based factory floor re-leveling

 Read more how the total surface area of 3188 m2 was re-leveled in 5 days without a need to stop production in a factory working 24/7.






Shanghai based warehouse ground improvement

ThyssenKrupp in Shanghai had decided to change the function of a workshop room into a high rack warehouse. It needs to increase the designed bearing capacity of 5 tons/m2 to 8 tons/m2 in order to avoid future possible settlement, which could be caused by additional loads.  Geobear increase the bearing capacity without excavation for 1750 m2 within 20 days. Read more






Dongguan based factory ground vibration reduction

  One of the world largest battery component manufacturers had experienced vibration problems within their   Dongguan based manufacturing facility. The vibrations had a negative influence on the quality of work and the overall production efficiency.  The Geobear crew improved the soil beneath in 16 days and removed the vibrations caused by the weak soil underneath. Read more






Zhenjiang  based Supermarket floor re-leveling

The supermarket had unpleasant experiences with the shopping trolleys that were able to roll free and uneven product shelves causing safety hazards. 4700m² shopping area floor was lifted to the target level without interruption to daily business. Read more






Shaoxing cars show room floor re-leveling

One of the world leading car retailers had subsidence problems including the uneven floor and visible cracks on the tiles. This was negatively affecting their brand image, customer experience and the safety of the staff as well. Read more how the problems were solved without business interruptions.






For more case studies, please see our case studies in Chinese or UK site case studies in English.

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